Infant 3-18 months

We at Kinder Academy understand that infants and young children need a safe, nurturing environment to begin exploring the world around them. We provide all the support and tools young children need to learn, grow, and form solid educational foundations. This unique program offers a caring and stimulating environment designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Personalized schedules, feeding times, and daily charting help each child develop at his/her own pace. Time is spent in the classroom and in our indoor gym, which contains a soft and safe infant/toddler play area that is great for gross motor activities, like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking. The infant classroom is a large, open-concept room, so when the infants begin to walk, they are able to cruise around it with ease. Gross motor activities, crafts, songs, games and age-appropriate educational toys are all available in this perfect atmosphere for growing minds and bodies. Time is also spent outdoors in our outdoor playground, which is separated from the older children. We also have three large strollers to take the infants on walks when the weather is nice. Fresh homemade food is served three times daily to children ready for table food. The Infants not yet ready for table food receive the food Mom and Dad supply. Our sleep room contains 10 cribs, one of which will be designated to your child with his/her own blanket and/or special stuffed animal brought from home. We make sure our children get an equal amount of play time and rest time.

Minimum of Two Full Days or more are required for Infant Program, no half day rate. 

Toddler 18-30 months

Kinder Academy’s toddler program focuses on social, emotional, and physical growth. Toddlers are given the freedom to explore in a safe and stimulating environment. Through thoughtful teacher guidance, social and emotional skills are practiced during circle time by promoting turn-taking, sharing, and exploring feelings (understanding what it means to be happy, sad, angry, etc.). We offer a wide variety of planned indoor and outdoor activities each day. Gross motor activities, like skipping, running, and jumping, are used to develop physical and hand-eye co-ordination. Fine motor activities, including finger plays and other hand movement activities, build the basic skills necessary for writing and cutting in future school activities. Age-appropriate crafts, songs, games and toys add more opportunities for gross and fine motor development. We offer a homemade lunch and two snacks a day. A nap or rest period will be provided for approximately two hours each day. Kinder Academy also provides a toilet training routine and a daily charting system to assist our parents.

Full Day and Half Day rates available.

Preschool 30-44 months

Children of preschool age are gaining independence and developing rapidly. While carefully guiding children toward the more structured classroom experiences ahead, we provide a balance between nurturing and encouraging exploration of the world around them. We derive our curriculum from the interests of the children and purposefully include many important concepts that are crucial for kindergarten preparation, including listening skills, vocabulary, colours, shapes, numbers, size, patterning, and sequencing. Different group activities and games provide plenty of time for running, jumping, climbing, dancing, and the development of social skills. All of these skills are presented in a fun-filled way both inside the classroom and out in the playground. Homemade lunch and two snacks a day are provided. A nap or rest period will be provided for approximately two hours each day. Kinder Academy also provides a toilet training routine and a daily charting system to assist our parents.

Full Day and Half Day rates available.


JK/SK 44 months – 6 years

Our school age program is for children who attend elementary school on alternate days or full-time care for children who have opted out of the regular school system. In our program, the children will be beginning reading and math skills. Each month will focus on different themes, including Earth, and science. This program also contains enriching activities, such as dramatics, computers, music, art and special field trips. With considerably lower child to teacher ratio’s than the school system, Kinder Academy’s school age program offers your child extra attention and time. Your child’s day is designed to meet the physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of this age group. Our JK/SK teachers continuously support and integrate the elementary school curriculum in this exceptional program. Lunch and two snacks are also provided daily.

Full Day and Half Day rates available.


Before & After school months 4 – 12 years

We also offer a before and after school program. School-age “clubs” are set up to encourage children to have fun after a long day at school. A wide variety of activities are available for children. As well, quiet areas are set aside for children to relax, unwind, or do homework. These programs are set up to encourage children to explore, experiment, and discover, while building new friendships along the way. We also offer full-day programs during the Christmas Break, March Break, Professional Development Days, and Summer Break (during which every week has a different focus with new and exciting activities).

Before & After School rates available.


A full day of care equals nine (9) hours with a maximum of ten (10). This includes a half hour for dropping off and picking up your child. A half day of care equals 5 hours in the morning or afternoon. In addition, if you wish to change the days your child attends care, you must speak with the Executive Director one month prior to the start of the new schedule. 


Extended Care Available from 6:00 p.m. until 9:30pm Monday – Friday

Kinder Academy understands that children thrive with routine, and being away from home and families may be difficult for many children.  We will ensure that we abide by the same routine each night to help ease the transition for the children.  The evening routine includes engaging activities, dinner, assisting with their personal hygiene routines and quiet activities and stories before sleep time.   Saturday care offers the same great full-day programs that are offered throughout the week. Families who use over 10 hours must previously discuss arrangements with the supervisor or director as this would constitute as extended care. 


We now bus to and from the following schools:


  • Central French Immersion
  • Glenwood IB
  • St. Christopher Catholic Elementary School
  • Roseland Public School
  • Christ the King Catholic School
  • Monseigneur Jean Noel French Catholic Elementary School
  • École Élémentaire L’envolée