peanut free
Due to the potential for severe/fatal allergies, NO PEANUT OR PEANUT PRODUCTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL.
Kinder Academy’s Menus have been set with the assistance of our Health Unit to ensure we are meeting the Canada Food Guide requirements and that we are providing a well-balanced selection of food. If there are any foods to which your child has a sensitivity or allergy, please tell us and we will make appropriate substitutions. A nutritious lunch, as well as two nutritious snacks, will be provided daily. A summer and winter menu is offered. These menus are rotated on a 4 week basis. Children are encouraged to try all foods served and to eat as little or as much as they like. If you have any questions or concerns about the menus, feel free to discuss them with Ms. Tina Salvatore.

Infants Only: Parents of young infants must supply their own baby food, fruit juices, and prepared formulas in sterilized bottles — we will provide regular table food once your child is developmentally ready. Our infant program has its own fridge and microwave, so that we can meet your child’s individual needs. Written feeding instructions are necessary for children under one year of age –these can be updated as your child’s menu expands.